Dead Space Developer Warns YouTubers Covering the Game

The developer of the Dead Space remake is warning YouTubers who are planning to upload content for the game. Dead Space is one of the best survival horror games ever made and was yet another pivotal moment for sci-fi horror. While movies like Alien helped create true terror in space in cinema, Dead Space helped create that same feeling in a playable medium. It was a huge success because of how effective it was. It was graphic, intense, and incredibly suspenseful, all of which allowed it to spawn sequels which sustained a lot of those important elements. Now, over a decade after the original game's release, EA has released a remake that further modernizes the gameplay, adds new content such a secret ending, and much more.

With all of that said, YouTube has recently implemented and updated its policies for certain kinds of content. Namely, there's a lot of concern that the graphic violence and the top-notch visuals in the game could lead to YouTube cracking down on people uploading videos of the game. EA is now warning people to be aware of this and has made a post telling creators to be cautious with thumbnails, titles, and the content of the videos themselves to avoid getting demonetized. There's no guarantee that YouTube will actually go after anyone uploading Dead Space gameplay, but some creators in recent weeks have noted their videos for mature rated games have been catching flack from the platform. Either way, you can view the post below to familiarize yourself with the policies that could impact any Dead Space content that you may upload.

PSA for any community creators who plan on making content when the game goes live tomorrow! from DeadSpace

EA notes that creators should contact YouTube for any questions, concerns, or issues as EA has nothing to do with the matter. Either way, given a lot of people make a living on YouTube, it's best to be aware of any changes that could impact earnings. Dead Space is one of the first big games of 2023 and will likely dominate a lot of gaming channels until Hogwarts Legacy is released, so it will be interesting to see if anyone has an issue with YouTube.

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