Death Saves Announces New Frank Frazetta Collection

Joe Manganiello's Death Saves has announced a new streetwear line featuring the artwork of the most iconic fantasy artist of all time.

Earlier this year, Joe Manganiello launched Death Saves, a new streetwear company that combined classic fantasy and sci-fi with a unique metal aesthetic. Death Saves exploded onto the scene over the summer with a collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons featuring classic monsters like the Beholder and Death Knights on t-shirts, jackets, and accessories. Now, Death Saves is bringing a new collection using the artwork of Frank Frazetta.

Frazetta is arguably the greatest fantasy artist of all time, a master of bringing savage worlds of barbarians and sorcery to life using mostly oil paints. Frazetta used dynamic poses and tension-filled scenes to bring entire worlds to life in a single painting, inspiring generations of fantasy and sci-fi fans. Not only did Frazetta help define characters like Conan the Barbarian, his work also inspired popular franchises like The Legend of Zelda.

Death Saves is teaming up with Frazetta Girls, a company founded by Frazetta's daughter Holly Frazetta and granddaughter Sara. The new collaboration will feature five pieces of Frazetta artwork, including "Against the Gods," "Alien Crucifixion," and "Werewolf."

The new line will debut at a special three day pop-up event at the Bait store in Los Angeles. The new streetwear will be available for sale at the Bait store at 7667 Melrose Ave. in LA from December 7th through December 9th, along with some new surprises and giveaways. The Death Saves x Frazetta collection will also be available on Death Saves' website.


Death Saves provided with an exclusive first look at their Werewolf t-shirts, which features Frazetta's artwork from the very first issue of the classic horror series Creepy. The t-shirt features Frazetta's iconic opening panel from the story transformed into a "Death Saves" comic book cover. The shirt is both an excellent homage to Frazetta's prolific comic work and a clever nod to Manganiello's turn as the werewolf Alcide on the HBO series True Blood.

The t-shirt comes in both black and white versions, both of which can be seen below: