Death Stranding Director's Cut Launch Trailer Teased by Hideo Kojima

Famed game developer Hideo Kojima has provided fans with a tease of what they can expect from the upcoming launch trailer for Death Stranding Director's Cut. This new iteration of the game on PlayStation 5, which is poised to release next month, is largely going to be the same game as the 2019 release, but there will be some new content included. As such, Kojima has talked about how he's looking to portray this new version to a number of different audiences.

Shared on social media, Kojima shed some insight into his thought process when it comes to stitching together the launch trailer for Death Stranding Director's Cut. Notably, the famed director said that he's trying to make this video for the game one that can be appealing to all audiences. Not only does that include people who potentially haven't played before, but also those who have seen Death Stranding through to its end in the past. In addition, Kojima said he also wants this trailer to incentivize those who may have tried Death Stranding out on PlayStation 4, but ended up stopping for one reason or another.

As a whole, Kojima has been detailing a lot of thoughts on Twitter recently when it comes to this Death Stranding Director's Cut trailer. Clearly, it's something that he really wants to make sure that he can get right, likely as it might be the final video he ever releases in association with the game. Although Kojima has yet to say when this launch trailer will end up going live, it stands to reason that we should see it debut at some point in the coming month.


As for when Death Stranding Director's Cut as a whole is going to release, the new PS5 version is slated to arrive in a little over a month on September 24. Be sure to stay tuned to our coverage here on as we'll be sure to share this new launch trailer with you once it goes live.