Death Stranding Explained ... Sort Of

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The Game Awards gave us a thrilling cinematic for Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding title that has been shrouded in mystery since launch. Through a series of strange videos, fans have desperately been trying to wrap their minds around what the new narrative could possibly be. Since the VGA's sneak peek, this year's PlayStation Experience the very next day took that cinematic and took it once step further - at least with context.

With Norman Reedus once more center stage, we see the strange beings, the hyper-realistic environment, and the odd babies all once more. With a giant looming overhead, a series of events are triggered where we see Reedus' character make his strange journey. Though most of this video footage is a recap of what we all saw the night before, the creationist theme does become more interesting with the knowledge that this is all in-game footage. Kojima explains it a little further when he took to the stage.

Hideo Kojima sat down with the apparatus from in-game strapped to his back. Understandably, fans went nuts. Adorably, he was seen rocking his Death Stranding shirt looking proud as proud can be. Luckily, he was able to shed some light on the upcoming game, which is more than we've had all year!

The footage seen was all real time footage using the PlayStation 4 Pro - which is insane! Visually stunning, and everything seen is completely playable. Seeing it come together and knowing it's not a fancy cinematic is atstounding. Hilariously though, when asked for any game details - the entire stage went dead silent. Ah, Kojima-san - don't ever change (but please, dammit, give us something!).


Though the latest trailer is nothing short of phenomenal ... we still don't have a release window for Death Stranding yet. But with these cinematic episodes as reveals, we are content. Hideo Kojima, a tip of the hat to you, sir - outstanding showcase!