Death Stranding Confirmed for Xbox Game Pass PC

Death Stranding, the Kojima Productions game originally released on PlayStation consoles and later on the PC, is coming to the PC version of Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft confirmed as much this week after numerous teases gradually built up to the announcement shared with Xbox Game Pass subscribers on Friday. The game will first be available on the Xbox Game Pass PC subscription on August 23rd, so if you're subscribed to Xbox Game Pass for PC and have held off on the game till now, Tuesday will be your chance to give it a shot.

An Xbox Wire post from Microsoft finally confirmed what many had suspected by saying Death Stranding was indeed coming to Xbox Game Pass, but only to the PC version and not to Xbox consoles. The teases before had led people to speculate this would happen, but given that Sony owns the Death Stranding IP, many doubted the Death Stranding implications of the teases until the references became clearer. Some felt it could be hints at Starfield, but that didn't make much sense given that the game is still far away at this point.

For those who've kept up with the various releases of Death Stranding, this version appears to be the normal game and not the Director's Cut version. Despite not coming with those extras included in that release, it'll still have some unlockables for players to acquire as they progress through the story. Those include the following:

Death Stranding Unlockables

  • Chiral Gold / Omnireflector "Ludens Mask" Sunglasses (Color Variant)
  • Gold and Silver Power Skeleton
  • Gold and Silver All-Terrain Skeleton
  • Gold and Silver Armor Plate

Throughout the post, 505 Games, the publisher of the PC version of the game, was credited alongside Kojima Productions with making this Xbox Game Pass deal happen with no mention of Sony in the announcement. That makes sense given the publishing situation, but Microsoft seems to have anticipated that people will still have questions. Those are to be answered soon, it seems, in an FAQ post.

"We imagine you have a lot of questions right now, but don't worry!" the Xbox Wire announcement said. "We'll try and cover as many of them as we can in a future Community Q&A guide. Stay tuned for that and keep a close eye on the 505 Games and Kojima Productions social media channels for more information."

A Death Stranding sequel is also presumably in the works but has not yet been confirmed outright by Hideo Kojima or his studio.