Deathloop Reveals PS5 Exclusivity Window

Even though Deathloop developer Arkane Studios might now be part of Xbox Game Studios, the [...]

Even though Deathloop developer Arkane Studios might now be part of Xbox Game Studios, the company's upcoming first-person shooter is going to be exclusive to PlayStation 5 due to a deal that Bethesda struck with Sony before being acquired by Microsoft. However, this exclusivity to PS5 isn't going to last forever, and as of now, we know specifically when the game will be able to come elsewhere.

As mentioned at the end of the latest gameplay trailer for Deathloop, the game's exclusivity window on PS5 will be coming to an end one year after it initially releases. Specifically, this means that the game will be able to come to other platforms (notably Xbox Series X and PC) beginning next year after September 14, 2022. This one-year period of being exclusive to PS5 isn't all that shocking given that we have seen previous titles come to PlayStation platforms with this same window of exclusivity.

Even though Xbox Game Studios hasn't confirmed anything about Deathloop coming to Xbox or PC, in all likelihood, we should begin to hear more about this move happening at some point in 2022. Given that this is a first-party title from Xbox, it also stands to reason that Deathloop will end up coming to Xbox Game Pass in due time, just as all titles from the publisher do. Still, whether or not Xbox can even mention that Deathloop will be coming to its own platforms until September of next year remains to be seen.

Once again, Deathloop is set to release in a little over two months on September 14 and will be exclusive to PS5 at first. If you haven't checked out yesterday's new gameplay preview, you can either check it out in the tweet above or read our dedicated article right here. Pre-orders are live here at Best Buy with a $10 reward bonus and free SteelBook case.

So how do you feel about this exclusivity window for Deathloop? Are you looking to play the game for yourself later this year, or will you be waiting until 2022? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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