Demon's Souls Player Solves PS5 Version's Mystery Door Puzzle

Demon’s Souls players have been hard at work at solving a puzzle in the PlayStation 5 version after the community noticed that an extra door had been added to the game that wasn’t in the original release. After working on the puzzle for just a week since the game launched, players have already managed to solve the mystery and see what waits on the other side of the door. The prize wasn’t a game-changing one by any means, but it’s a neat nod to the community by delivering on a long-time Demon’s Souls request.

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Distortion2 has been credited with the solution to the door after being the first to publicly share his find once it was opened. The streamer shared the image below on Twitter to show his Demon’s Souls character decked out in some unique armor while thanking Demon’s Souls remake developer Bluepoint Games with the opportunity to solve the puzzle after they added it to the game.

The armor set in question is the Penetrator Set, the armor resembling the same gear a boss of the same name wears in Demon’s Souls. Players can find the Penetrator in World 1-3 and have long thought that the boss had an impressive set of armor, but there was no way to get it in the game prior to the remake. With the puzzle now solved and the armor added, players can finally acquire the unique set of armor.

Like most things in Demon’s Souls and other Souls games, knowing how to do something is only half the challenge and having to actually do it is a whole different task. That’s the case with this challenge as well since it requires a lot of farming and a lot of luck to make sure you’re able to get the key to the door. Based on what Distortion2 did, the solution to the puzzle is to have enough Ceramic Coins in your possession – about 26 of them, according to one wiki for the game – to trade to Sparkly the Crow in return for the Rusted Key.

Players have not yet found any additional puzzles in Demon’s Souls that weren’t there in the first place, but if they do, there’s a good chance the community will solve those just as quickly as this one.