Destiny 2 Cross-Play Going Live Was an Accident, Bungie Responds

Amid the issues that plagued Destiny 2’s new season’s launch on Tuesday, people made an [...]

Amid the issues that plagued Destiny 2's new season's launch on Tuesday, people made an interesting discovery in finding that cross-play was apparently enabled on consoles and PC. This allowed players from across those platforms to congregate with one another, a bright spot for some Destiny 2 players while many others couldn't even play. Bungie has since acknowledged that cross-play appearance and said the feature going live was unintentional and that cross-play will be disabled soon.

Reports of the cross-play feature going live consisted of screenshots and videos showing people playing with their friends on other platforms. The feature was a welcome one, but it left people wondering what the plans for it were since there was never any mentioning of cross-play in the notes for the game's seasonal update where it'd typically be one of the first features to highlight. Bungie community manager Cozmo responded to some of these requests for more information and said the version of cross-play people have seen now is "not representative of the full experience."

Cozmo also confirmed that the feature will be disabled later in the week, but while it's still live, people are free to test it out and play with others.

While there's no news that's been shared on the future of cross-play in Destiny 2 other than the message above, the fact that it went live early is at least a positive sign for the release timing of the feature. If it's live already and worked for the most part, players can hopefully expect it to get its full release sooner rather than later.

Many of Destiny 2's issues surrounding the new season's launch have been smoothed out now with errors causing the "Honeydew" and "Chicken" codes seemingly resolved, but some players have still been experiencing sign-in problems as recently as the past couple of hours. For those who are among the players experiencing those sorts of problems, Bungie has advised you to check out a thread on the game's forums for more information.