Get Your Hands On Destiny 2 For Free Starting Tomorrow

Okay, so let’s say that you haven’t had a chance to play Destiny 2 yet. You’ve either been [...]


Okay, so let's say that you haven't had a chance to play Destiny 2 yet. You've either been too busy to the point that you haven't gotten around to the game, or you just haven't been able to afford it. Well, starting tomorrow, you'll have absolutely no excuse to play it.

That's because Bungie and Activision are giving you the opportunity to play Destiny 2 on the house. The companies have announced a free trial, which will begin tomorrow, November 28th, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Here's how it works – you should be able to spot the free trial for the game in the Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Store, or if you're going with the PC version. All you have to do is download it and jump in.

The trial will feature access to a good portion of the game's single player campaign, as well as its multiplayer features, so you can join friends on co-op runs, or test your might in competitive multiplayer, if you feel fit enough to do so.

"Team up with friends or play solo and experience your first steps in the epic cinematic-filled campaign, explore new worlds, and face off in competitive multiplayer," Activision noted in its press release.

A new trailer announcing the trial can be seen below, and gives you a preview of just what you can expect when it kicks off in just a few hours.

Bungie also made it clear that any progress you make in the trial version of Destiny 2 will carry over to the full version once you decide to purchase it. It hasn't announced any sort of sale to coincide with the trial just yet, but considering you can get the game for pretty cheap – with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales – you shouldn't have any trouble tracking down an affordable copy.

The developer hasn't specified just how long the trial will last, but it's likely that it'll come to a close when the Curse of Osiris DLC makes its debut on PlayStation 4 next week. That could be changed, however, if Bungie decides to let players try out the expansion before the trial closes down. We'll keep you informed when they announce a date.

For now, get ready for tomorrow, and prepare to go on some epic raids!

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.