Destiny Developer May Be Working on an Overwatch and Valorant Rival

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has been dropping hints for quite some time that it's working on [...]

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has been dropping hints for quite some time that it's working on something all-new at the studio. Although we still have essentially no idea what this new game might be, some bits and pieces of information have started to come about thanks to some job listings at the company. Fortunately for our own benefit, this same situation has happened once again giving us a better idea of the type of game Bungie is making.

Thanks to a new job listing that appeared at Bungie, the studio revealed more details of the new project that is currently being worked on. Bungie described this new title as a "multiplayer action game" and said that it's "currently in incubation." If you don't know what this latter description means, it tells us that this new project is still very early on in development.

Perhaps the most interesting nugget of info in this job post, however, suggests that the new game is going to have something in common with notable titles like Overwatch and Valorant. Specifically for this role--which is for an Incubation Sandbox Designer--Bungie says it wants someone with "experience working on character-focused action games." Titles like Valorant and Overwatch would definitely fall within this genre, especially when it comes to the multiplayer space.

What suggests even further that Bungie is looking to integrate itself within this same space as the aforementioned games is that it also wants to turn whatever this new project is into an esports title. Another job posting that Bungie posted a few weeks ago mentioned that it's looking to bring on people who are familiar with working on esports games. So while this title is still very far out from releasing, everything that we've gathered from these job posts tells us that we should expect to see Bungie's own take on the character-focused multiplayer subgenre. Which is pretty exciting, to say the least.

Are you excited to see Bungie potentially returning to the multiplayer space in such a big way? And when do you hope that this project will release? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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