Translate Websites into Pikachu Speak With 'Detective Pikachu' Browser Extension

A new web extension allows Pokemon fans to translate their favorite webpages into the language of the Pikachu. Warner Bros. France has released a new web extension to celebrate the upcoming release of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu that translates web pages into the distinctive "Pika Pika" language spoken by Pikachu in the games, anime, and films. When the extensions (available for Chrome and Firefox) are activated, every word is switched to "PikaPika," mimicking the Pokemon's distinctive catchphrase. Like other Pokemon, Pikachu "talks" by repeating parts of its name over and over, although Pokemon seem to understand each other even when they're of different species.

Part of the reason why "Pika Pika" is such a big part of Detective Pikachu's marketing (Twitter users can also use the hashtag #PikaPika to make a custom emoji appear) is to emphasize the special relationship the title character has with his human partner Tim. While Detective Pikachu sounds like a normal Pokemon to most humans, he can actual speak to and be understood by Tim. In an early trailer, Tim asks a passerby if they can talk to Detective Pikachu, but the woman simply calls Detective Pikachu cute and repeats "Pika Pika" to it.

Detective Pikachu stars Ryan Reynolds as the voice of the title character and Justice Smith as his human partner Tim. Kathryn Newton, Ken Watanabe, and over 60 live action Pokemon will also appear in the movie.

Detective Pikachu comes out in theaters on May 10th.



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