Detective Pikachu Returns Gets Awesome TCG Card Pre-Order Bonus

An exclusive card featuring Detective Pikachu and Growlithe has been revealed.

When Detective Pikachu Returns releases on Nintendo Switch on October 6th, those who pre-order the physical copy will receive a full art card of Detective Pikachu riding on Growlithe. Unfortunately, the card has only been revealed for Pokemon Center Japan, as of this writing. That doesn't mean the card won't be included in a similar promotion in the U.S., but we'll have to wait and see what gets announced. Pokemon Center U.S. has offered similar TCG incentives in the past, so it's definitely possible!

An image of the card can be found below, as well alongside a flocked figure based on the game. 

(Photo: Pokemon)

In Detective Pikachu Returns, the titular character will find himself allied with some new helper Pokemon. During yesterday's Pokemon Presents, two of these helper Pokemon were revealed: a Galarian Darmanitan will help provide some extra muscle, while a Growlithe will use its nose to track down clues. The new TCG card highlights that feature, as Pikachu and Growlithe can be seen pursuing their investigation.

Detective Pikachu Returns is a sequel to the original 3DS game, which saw Tim Goodman and Detective Pikachu on an investigation to find Tim's missing father. The game formed the basis for the movie Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. While the film provided a conclusion to the story, the game ended on a cliffhanger. Detective Pikachu Returns will pick back up where the 3DS game left off, and The Pokemon Company has already stated that things won't play out the same way they did in the movie. As such, fans shouldn't have to worry about revisiting a story they already watched play out!

In addition to the video game sequel, a sequel to the live-action movie is currently in development. No details have been revealed about the movie at this time, but that should be good news for those that enjoyed the first one. Considering the fact that Detective Pikachu was no longer able to communicate with Tim at the end of the movie, it will be interesting to see how the sequel addresses the previous film's ending.

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