'Detective Pikachu' Teaser Trailer Hints at Movie's Famous Villain

A new Detective Pikachu teaser trailer provides a very big hint about the "big bad" of the movie.

Earlier today, Warner Bros. Pictures released a brief teaser trailer for a new Detective Pikachu trailer coming out on Tuesday. Most of the footage is recycled from previous trailers, but a new scene featuring Charizard teases a possible connection to the alleged villain of the movie.

charizard mewtwo

As you can see in the screen cap above, Charizard's eyes are glowing purple. While this could just be a lighting effect caused by Charizard getting ready to torch Pikachu with a fireball, it could also be a sign that Charizard is being controlled by an external force...such as a Pokemon known for using psychic energies with a purple energy signature.

For reference, here's an "official" look at how Charizard is supposed to look, courtesy of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Note how Charizard's irises are replaced with inky blackness in the trailer shot.

charizard detective pikachu

So what's causing that potential effect? Well, rumors suggest that Detective Pikachu's main villain is Mewtwo, the powerful Psychic-type Pokemon created by genetic modification and cloning. Although we don't know Mewtwo's motives, the rumors claim that Mewtwo is somehow responsible for the disappearance of various Pokemon and Tim's father (Pikachu's original partner). A previous teaser trailer confirmed that Detective Pikachu also has amnesia, a possible side effect of Pikachu's first encounter with Mewtwo.

We'll have to see if tomorrow's Detective Pikachu trailer will reveal Mewtwo or if that's a surprise they'll save for the actual release of the movie.

Detective Pikachu comes out on May 10th.



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