Developers Call Final Fantasy 7 Part 3 the "Curtain Call" for Characters Introduced in Remake and Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Part 3 wants to deliver a quality end to the remake's new characters.

While Final Fantasy 7 Part 3 doesn't have its official name yet, the developers at Square Enix have been talking about it quite a bit since Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launched. First, the team gave an in-depth development update, signaling that players might not be waiting as long as expected for the third game to be released. Now, another interview has given fans an idea of what to expect from the story, particularly how the developers are approaching some of the characters introduced in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Rebirth.

Final Fantasy 7 Part 3 Story Details


Note: We will do our best to not spoil anything major that happens in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The new details come from an interview that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth developers Iwaki Hiroaki (scenario), Nojima Kazushige (story and scenario), and Toriyama Motomu (co-director) gave to Frontline Japan. Because the three remake games are blowing out the original Final Fantasy 7 story, the developers had to create several new characters to flesh things out. That includes main supporting characters like Chadley and smaller characters like Solemn Gus who runs the Corel Prison in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

With all of these new characters being woven into the story, it wouldn't be too surprising if a few of their tales were lost along the way. However, the developers made it clear in the new interview that they view Final Fantasy 7 Part 3 as the "curtain call" for everyone, including those new characters. That means fans can expect characters like Chadley and the fan-favorite Roche will get satisfying conclusions to their stories alongside whatever revelation the team has in store for the main cast. 

Final Fantasy 7 Part 3 Release Date

Square Enix hasn't provided fans with an official release yet, but director Tetsuya Nouora did recently say that we'd likely be waiting around three years before Part 3 is ready. That's a bit quicker than the stretch between Remake and Rebirth, but that's largely because the team took time to work on the Intermission DLC. It doesn't seem like the team is working on something similar this go-around, so we probably won't have to wait quite as long between releases.

What could potentially change things is that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's sales haven't kept up with Remake's. That doesn't mean Square Enix is going to shut the franchise down, by any means. Instead, it might look to bring the series to PC alongside the eventual PS5 launch, though it would likely have to work something out with Sony if it decides to attempt that route.

Either way, Final Fantasy 7 Part 3 should ship at some point in 2027.