Diablo 3 Players Now Able to Test Season 28 Update Early

Diablo 3 players who are ready to take on another season of the game now have the chance to do so ahead of Season 28's full release. The Season 28 update arrived on the test servers this week to give players a preview of what's in store when it officially gets underway and to give Blizzard a chance to iron out anything that breaks or needs further balancing during that testing process.

Those who've been keeping up with all the buzz around the new Diablo 3 season will already have an idea of what it's about, but for those who haven't, it's themed around Potions and Seals accessible from the Altar of Rites feature that's new in this season.

What is in Diablo 3 Season 28?

It's essentially a lite version of the branching skill tree present in Diablo 4 wherein players can invest resources to unlock different seasonal buffs via these Seals. The Potions function in a similar manner and provide players with augments for their health vials. Those include Potions that do things like reducing enemies' damage outputs, gaining random shrine or pylon effects, and another that grants a temporary buff to one of three stats. They're hard to acquire from the Altar of Rites, but they sure seem worth the effort.

One of the best effects in the Altar of Rites is one that grants a second primal item whenever one primal item drops, though it'll be a tough one to obtain given how many Seals come before it. There's also a unique cosmetic, the Wings of Terror, to be unlocked by those who finish the Altar of Rites tree completely.

"After you've conquered the armies of Hell and acquired the needed materials to unlock all 26 Seals and three Potions, you'll receive a reward truly fitting of an unstoppable force—the Wings of Terror Cosmetic, Seal AD. We recommend you unlock all Seals and Potions within the Altar of Rites, not only to inspire terror within your foes, but also to piece together the fragments of Sanctuary's past."

When Does Diablo 3 Season 28 Start?

Diablo 3 Season 28 does not yet have a set start date, but it's expected to get underway towards the end of February. For now, Diablo 3 players can try it out ahead of time via the test servers.

After it begins in full, Diablo 3 Season 28 will bring players very close to when Diablo 4 is scheduled to release. That new Diablo game is set to come out on June 2nd, so this season will be an excellent primer for the skill tree setup within the new Diablo game.