Diablo 4 Open Beta Update Warns of More "Lengthy Queue Times"

The Diablo IV open beta is set to take place this weekend, and Blizzard Entertainment is already setting expectations for those planning to participate. Anticipation for the game is quite high, and Blizzard expects that will translate to "lengthy queue times" once again. In a new blog post on Blizzard's forums, the company has warned players not to be caught off guard by these waits, and that they will be important in the long run as the team prepares for a full launch.

"When we open the gates again this Friday to absolutely everyone, we are expecting a lot of people. There will be lengthy queue times, particularly on Friday when we first launch and during peak regional windows. This past weekend helped us to forecast the capacity we expect this weekend, and we will be using that capacity to intentionally stress our systems in preparation for launch. In summary, while we know it can be frustrating, we need queues to properly stress test our services and we are designing to ensure we have them some of the time," the blog post reads.

Hopefully the queue times won't detract from the overall experience! Reception to Diablo IV has been overwhelmingly positive thus far, and that will likely convince even more users to flock to the open beta this weekend. As mentioned in the quote above, Blizzard expects Friday to be the busiest day, so readers might want to consider planning for Saturday or Sunday, if that's more convenient. There's no guarantee that those days will be any better, but it might be worth a shot for those that have limited time on their hands! The team has also warned that there may be times that the beta is taken offline for maintenance if issues come up.

The Diablo IV open beta will take place from March 24th through the 26th. The game's full release will take place on June 6th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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