Rumor: 'Diablo 3' for Nintendo Switch Could Release on First Day of BlizzCon 2018


Last month, Blizzard and Nintendo excited Switch owners with the confirmation of Diablo III: Eternal Collection, which will no doubt be a best-seller when it releases later this year. And while we’re still awaiting final confirmation of a release date, some reports are indicating we could see it as soon as the starting day of BlizzCon 2018.

The reports began with this listing of the game on Target, which indicates a release date of Nov. 1, a change from the previously noted date of Dec. 21. As you may know, BlizzCon 2018 kicks off on Nov. 2, which means Blizzard may be planning a surprise launch for the game around the time the show starts.

Speculation also continued on this Reddit thread, with some folks noting that Diablo’s release on the Switch during that time would get huge hype, giving players on that system something to enjoy while Red Dead Redemption 2 — releasing on Oct. 26 — thrives on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

And the timing of the release would be about right by Nintendo’s standards, to be honest. The company has Super Mario Party releasing in October, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming in December. That leaves no big releases for November, save for any surprise announcements that will be made with tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct special. Diablo III: Eternal Collection could easily fill that void, becoming another instant favorite for the system — not to mention a nice little lead-in to the Black Friday sales at the end of November.

Neither Nintendo nor Blizzard has said a word about the game’s official release date, save for the mention of the “on or before December 21” quote that was previously given, so take this release date news with a grain of salt. However, it would be a nice surprise for the BlizzCon crowd, although finding a good enough Wi-Fi spot to download the game to the system would be enough of a challenge, considering how busy that show is.


We’ll see what gets revealed in the months ahead. Regardless, Diablo III: Eternal Collection will come out later this year for Nintendo Switch; and it’s looking like it's worth the wait.

(Tip of the hat to NintendoLife for the scoop!)