Will Diablo Immortal Have Crossovers With Diablo 4?

Neither Diablo Immortal nor Diablo IV have set release dates, but we know that the former has already been running technical tests while the latter isn't releasing this year at all. But when both the first mobile Diablo game and the next mainline installation in the series are both available, will they ever interact with each other through crossovers or any types of connected events? Diablo Immortal's Lead Game Producer Caleb Arseneaux said the team can't talk about specific plans at this time, but it sounds like there's a decent chance we'll at least see some cross-promotional items shared between Diablo Immortal and other Blizzard games.

Arseneaux spoke to ComicBook.com during the BlizzConline event that took place last weekend and fielded some questions about the first mobile Diablo game that the team hopes will allow a whole new type of audience to experience Diablo for the first time. It's not unheard of for mobile games to have some sort of interactions with other games within the same franchise, but if there's something like that planned for Diablo Immortal and Diablo IV, Blizzard won't be talking about it at the moment.

"The quick answer to that is that we do live in our separate timeline before DII and DIII," Arseneaux said to first reestablish the timeline in which Diablo Immortal takes place. "However, if it's about cross-promotional items, like, 'Oh, hey. There's a pet or there's something that makes sense for an avatar or some sort of frame,' or something like that, then all Blizzard games like to do that with each other. But we don't have any specific plans I can talk about today."

The cross-promotional items between different Blizzard games are indeed something that's been done many times before. Diablo III has gotten items from games like StarCraft II and Overwatch, for example, and for Blizzard's 30th anniversary, the company released a ton of cosmetics spread out throughout its various games that occasionally invoked elements of other Blizzard games.


Any potential kinds of cross-promotions like that will happen much later on though since Diablo Immortal hasn't released yet and doesn't have a release date set. The next step for Diablo Immortal is more tests before launch, though dates haven't been set for those either.