Dinosaur Island Gets a Board Game Sequel

dinosaur world
(Photo: Pandasaurus Games)

The makers of the hit game Dinosaur Island have announced Dinosaur World, a new game that builds upon the world of the original hit game. Last week, Pandasaurus Games revealed the cover for Dinosaur World, the sequel to their 2017 smash hit Dinosaur Island, a worker placement game centered around collecting DNA, converting them into dinosaurs, and then placing them in a park built to keep visitors alive. Dinosaur World is set just a few years after the original and still features some of the same worker placement and dice drafting mechanics as the original. However, Dinosaur World adds a new wrinkle in that players travel around the park they've created, activating special effects on building tiles. You can check out the cover for the game below:

The description for Dinosaur World provides a handful of additional details about how this new game will work. Players each draft a resume card to acquire new workers, which are then used to build your dinosaur park and acquire DNA. Players can also take private actions to further improve their park before driving around the park to marvel in their creations. Players can still lose points due to unfortunate visitor deaths, and the winner is the one who has the highest score at the end of the game.

Dinosaur Island was a huge hit for Pandasaurus Games, selling over 40,000 copies and winning multiple awards. Dinosaur Island also had an expansion, which added a second island for every player, along with executive workers with unique actions.

Pandasaurus will release a Kickstarter for Dinosaur World in September. The Kickstarter will also include Dinosaur Island: Roll & Write. Additionally, Pandasaurus will also launch God Loves Dinosaurs, a tile-placement game in which players try to form an ecosystem that will keep their dinosaurs alive, in October. God Loves Dinosaurs will be a straight to retail release.