Discord Is Currently Down

Discord, which is the chat and communications application aimed at gaming communities, is currently experiencing a widespread outage. This afternoon, a vast amount of Discord users began reporting on social media that the app had stopped working for them. Before long, the development team behind Discord took to Twitter to confirm that the app was currently experiencing problems, although a fix was said to be coming down the pipeline.

In a message on Discord's website, the company confirmed that the source of the platform going down was due to an API outage. "We have identified the underlying issue with the API outage but are dealing with a secondary issue on one of our database clusters," said a status message on the site. "We have our entire on-call response team online and responding to the issue."

At the time of this writing, Discord has currently stated that it has found a resolution for some of these issues in question, and it should begin allowing users to login once again in the near future. "We have instituted a rate limit on logins to manage the traffic load. Users who are logged in are successfully using Discord at this point, and we will be slowly raising the limits here to allow more users in as we can," the company said in one update. It went on to also say, "The database is healthy again and our internal error rate has fallen to nominal levels. We are beginning to raise the login rate limit to allow users to reconnect."

While it's always a bummer whenever situations like this do arise with certain internet applications, it seems like this issue with Discord should be resolved for everyone in the very near future. And even though it might take a bit longer for you to still be able to login to your own account, just keep refreshing Discord itself periodically as the day progresses.

Did you end up having issues with Discord for yourself today? And if so, how long were you prevented from using the app? Let me know about your own experience either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.