Disney Lorcana Announces Shimmering Skies as Fifth Set, Adds Wreck-It Ralph Characters

Disney Lorcana's fifth set is titled Shimmering Skies

Disney Lorcana will introduce characters from Wreck-It Ralph in its fifth set. Today, Disney Lorcana announced that the upcoming fifth set would be named Shimmering Skies and will be released starting on August 9th at game stores and August 23rd at mass retailers. The new set will formally introduce characters from Wreck-It Ralph to the game (Ralph made a cameo appearance in an Action card in Rise of the Floodborn, but hasn't had any new cards otherwise) and will also bring two elemental spirits from Frozen 2 into the game as well. Some of the new characters appearing in the new set include Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope Von Schweetz, King Candy, Fix-It Felix, Jr, Bruni, and Gale.

The new set will also introduce a new narrative to Disney Lorcana, with the realm of Lorcana hosting a great festival to celebrate the Illumineers' victory over Lorcana. However, parts of the Great Illuminary fall into the crowd during the festival, leading to a new mystery to explore. 

Shimmering Skies will also feature two new Starter Decks, with a new Amethyst/Ruby deck featuring Elsa and Wreck-It Ralph and a new Emerald/Steel deck featuring Scar and Kronk. The set will also have a new Illumineer's Trove (containing 8 booster packs, a lore counter, card divider, and new shimmering dice), plus several new styles of deck sleeves and boxes. Ravensburger will also release two new playmats, featuring the Belle – Accomplished Mystic artwork and the "Look at this Family" artwork from Ursula's Return. 

Ravensburger also announced that the upcoming Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil board game will feature an exclusive, alternate-art version the Prince John – Gold Lover card from the new set. The card will be "illustrated in the art style" of Disney Villainous and will be available in specially marked, limited copies of Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil, which serves as an introduction for the popular asymmetrical game.