Dominion Announces New Expansion

The popular card game Dominion has announced its thirteenth expansion. Rio Grande Games will release Dominion: Menagerie, a new expansion to Dominion focusing on animals. The new expansion will contain 30 Kingdom cards. New mechanics include Horses that allow players to save a draw for later and Exile mats that cards can be sent to and then rescued from later. Dominion: Menagerie will also bring back Events, a game mechanic that hasn't been seen since the 2016 expansion Dominion: Empires. This will be the first Dominion expansion since Dominion: Renaissance, which was released in late 2018.

Dominion is a deck-building game in which players purchase Kingdom cards from a common supply. Each game of Dominion uses 10 different types of Kingdom cards, which can generally come from any expansion, as well as Treasure cards, Victory Cards, and curses. Players start off with the ability to make one Action and one Buy per turn. As their deck grows, they can chain Action cards together to generate more coins and purchase more cards for their deck. Eventually, players try to purchase Victory Cards, which contain the valuable Victory Points that ultimately decide the victor.


Dominion was the first "deck-building" tabletop game and launched an entire genre. While many other deck-builders have come and gone, Dominion has maintained a huge fanbase, in part because of its many expansions that add gameplay options without overwhelming or overcomplicating the basic rules.

Dominion: Menagerie will be released on March 18th. A price has not been announced, but similarly sized expansions have cost $44.95.

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