Donkey Kong Country's Funky Kong Is Taking Over Games On Twitter

(Source: Funky New Pixel)This morning, Nintendo surprised the gaming community with a new [...]

Funky Kong

(Source: Funky New Pixel)

This morning, Nintendo surprised the gaming community with a new mini-Nintendo Direct, confirming various titles for the Nintendo Switch. Among them was a special port of the Wii U game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, which will feature a special "Funky Mode", in which you can play as Funky Kong and take advantage of his radical surfboard, such as standing over perilous spikes or hovering in mid-air.

But what if Funky Kong could bring his funkiness to other games? A Twitter user by the name of Funky New Pixel decided to throw down the challenge, enabling anyone to add Funky Mode to their game of choice. And, boy, did Twitter users answer.

First of all, the official Doom account answered the call, adding the awesome Funky Mode to its Nintendo Switch version of the game. And, man, we want to play it now.

The official Rocket League account got in on the action as well, leaving us wondering if a Donkey Kong car would do really well in the game. We believe it would.

A Twitter user named Frankie Sizemore decided to take part as well, giving Resident Evil 7: Biohazard the Funky makeover. We're not quite sure if it fits, because we're probably not sure we want this kind of Funky. Ick.

Someone even went as far as to suggest that Tommy Wiseau's The Room could have a Funky Mode, and, man, we're intrigued. Does that mean funky footballs? Funky Mark? Funky Lisa? "You're tearing me apart, Funky Kong!"

A Twitter account with the name of Dark Souls Hype also suggested a Funky Mode for Manhunt. Um…yikes.

Cuphead would work pretty well with a Funky Mode, right? It'd have funk music…right?

Of course, Persona 5. Just because.

And this is just bonkers. Bloodborne?

You can see all the "funky" examples in this Twitter thread. And look forward to Tropical Freeze when it arrives on Nintendo Switch on May 4th. Can't wait that long? It's on Wii U now.