Doom Creator John Romero Selling Keyboard He Destroyed on eBay

If you’ve got some spare money on hand at the moment, a piece of gaming “memorabilia” has [...]

If you've got some spare money on hand at the moment, a piece of gaming "memorabilia" has recently hit the market and can be all yours if the price is right. The item, in particular, is a destroyed Mac keyboard. And while this might not typically be something that would have value whatsoever, there is a little bit of sentimental value behind the object as it comes from John Romero, the famed game creator who previously worked at id Software on titles like Doom and Quake.

Romero recently announced recently that he was selling this aforementioned keyboard on eBay in the pursuit of doing some "spring cleaning." Romero's listing for the item says that he specifically destroyed it during a deathmatch in the original Quake. "I doubt I even reached the end of the match before this happened," Romero said in the product's description. "I just went complete power ape on it."

Romero continued giving a backstory of the keyboard in the eBay listing, saying that typically it isn't the object he'll take his anger out on whenever he does get angry. "Usually it's not the keyboard because it's critical to actually Deathmatching. But this one day, a different decision was made," he wrote jokingly.

As for why this keyboard might even have value in the first place, Romero went on to say that the last item like this that he gave away ended up being preserved in a video game museum. He also offered to sign it as well for whoever ends up securing the highest bid.

This is definitely a "one man's trash is another man's treasure" situation if I have ever seen one, but I do have to admit that owning this would be kind of cool. I personally have no idea what I would even do with an object like this myself but to be able to say that you owned a keyboard that the creator of a popular game obliterated while playing their own game? That's pretty funny.

Anyway, the listing is set to end this coming Wednesday on January 20th if you're interested in dropping a bid on it.