DOOM Eternal Gets a Brutal Launch Trailer

DOOM Eternal’s launch trailer has been released by Bethesda just under a week before the game is [...]

DOOM Eternal's launch trailer has been released by Bethesda just under a week before the game is scheduled to be released, and the trailer's every bit as brutal as a DOOM fan would hope it would be. We see some bits from the story to show what our DOOM Slayer is up to and what kinds of enemies he'll be up against, but more importantly, we get to see more of the kinds of weapons he has in his arsenal and how he'll use those to dismantle those enemies. DOOM Eternal releases on March 20th, so it won't be long before players are able to try those weapons out for themselves.

The trailer makes it sound like the DOOM Slayer's time has come, but that's clearly not the case given how he's handling the demons in the preview. From long-range laser volleys to close-up dismemberments, the DOOM Slayer has plenty of options when it comes to taking out demons.

"Hell's armies have invaded Earth," Bethesda said about DOOM Eternal. "Become the Slayer in an epic single-player campaign to conquer demons across dimensions and stop the final destruction of humanity. The only thing they fear... is you."

While players will be tearing through demons in the story mode, they'll also be able to take on more demons – or the Slayer himself – in the game's multiplayer mode. This multiplayer part of DOOM Eternal is called "Battlemode," and it replaces the traditional multiplayer experience.

In Battlemode, a mode which was recently showcased during the Bethesda Game Days event, it's a 2v1 match where two players control demons and the sole player on the other team plays as a Slayer. The Slayer comes will all sorts of weapons and resources to win the outnumbered fight while the demons have their own unique tricks like manipulating the battleground and respawning to keep the fight going.

DOOM Eternal players can expect that Battlemode to continue being worked on after the game's released, and for those who just want to play through the story mode and try out Battlemode every now and then, you can look forward to some story expansions being released some time after the game launches.

DOOM Eternal is scheduled to release on March 20th.