DOOM Eternal Will Allow You To Invade Other Player's Campaigns As Demons

Today, alongside unveiling the breathless and beautifully gory DOOM Eternal gameplay, Bethesda [...]

(Photo: Bethesda)

Today, alongside unveiling the breathless and beautifully gory DOOM Eternal gameplay, Bethesda also provided a slew of details about the upcoming iD Software-developed sequel.

The most prominent of these details: the added ability to invade other player's campaigns as demons, which looks as awesome as it sounds.

According to iD Software's Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin, players can take control of a variety of demons from the game and enter into other player's campaign in attempt to make DOOM Slayer food out of them. Best yet, you don't have to invade alone.

The pair also revealed that you can team up with friends and other players to create a "Slayer Hunting Party" that consists of multiple different demons in order to cause DOOM-levels of havoc.

How large these Slayer Hunting parties can get, wasn't divulged, but hopefully the limit is pretty high. After all, it isn't DOOM without a screen full of demons, and if you're going to coin the term "Slayer Hunting Party," you better have the army of demons to back it up.

If this multiplayer sounds familiar, it's probably because you played Dark Souls which had a similar feature.

Pretty rad, right? And luckily, if you aren't about this feature, you can simply turn it off so nobody can invade your campaign, and you can pile up a pile of demon bodies in peace, as the DOOM gods originally intended.

While Bethesda revealed this feature, it didn't reveal any type of traditional Deathmatch-style multiplayer, which 2016's reboot had, and which it was mostly negatively criticized for. As a result, it may be skipping this type of multiplayer all-together, or maybe it was saving that reveal for a later date. Both are equally possible, and we likely won't know which is true until closer to launch.

While single-player is what made 2016's DOOM a big hit, the idea of shipping a DOOM game without multiplayer just doesn't feel right.

DOOM Eternal is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It currently doesn't have a release date nor a release window, but expect to hear about one potentially later this year.