Dr Disrespect Gets Banned from Twitch for Streaming in a Bathroom at E3

Popular Twitch streamer Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm has had his Twitch account banned following an IRL stream he conducted inside of an on-site bathroom. His Twitch account has gone dark as a result, and his E3 badge has reportedly been revoked. It’s assumed that the ban from Twitch stems from a violation of the streaming platform’s terms of service that prohibit users from uploading certain content, including that which would invade someone’s privacy, though specifics haven’t been provided.

The streamer’s ill-fated IRL stream, like his entire channel, is not available at this time. Head to his Twitch channel, and where you’d normally see videos of the mustached streamer playing battle royale games like PUBG and Apex Legends, you’ll find the traditional notice that appears when a video or account has been removed. It’s unclear at this time how long the ban will last.

Dr Disrespect tweeted on Tuesday to alert his followers that he was about to start his “first IRL stream.” That tweet would prove to age poorly, as the streamer’s followers and other Twitter users would remind him. Replies to the tweet from others reference his apparent violation of Twitch’s terms of service and shared screenshots of the stream.

Kotaku added to the story by saying that a representative from the Entertainment Software Association, the organization that runs E3, has confirmed that the organization has opted to revoke the streamer’s event badge. It looks like we won’t be seeing anymore on-site streams from Dr Disrespect, IRL or not.


As any Twitch streamer or viewer will know from past incidents involving a variety of content creators that there are certain things you can’t put on Twitch. According to Twitch’s terms of service regarding “Prohibited Content,” users are not allowed to create or upload any content which the platform would deem as an “invasive of privacy or publicity rights.” A bathroom would certainly be considered a private place, so filming someone there seems like it would indeed violate Twitch’s rules. Kotaku also reported that one of the individuals caught on camera during the stream appeared to be a child, so that and California’s privacy laws may have also complicated things.

With Dr Disrespect’s Twitch channel now down, it’s unclear when it’ll be back. He’s got a schedule he sticks to that would normally have him streaming at 12 p.m. PT on Wednesdays, so we’ll have to see if his Twitch channel is back up by then or at all this week.

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