Nintendo's 'Dragalia Lost' Gets Manga Adaptation

Nintendo's popular mobile game Dragalia Lost now has a manga adaptation.

Earlier today, Cygames, the developer of Dragalia Lost, published the first chapter of a new manga series based on the mobile game on their Cycomi manga website. Each chapter of the new manga series will focus on a different character, beginning with the protagonist Euden and his sister Zethia. New chapters will be released each month. The first chapter can be read (in Japanese) here:

This is technically the third manga adaptation of Dragalia Lost, following the Dragalia Life and Adventurers' Guide comics, which are both published within the game.

Dragalia Lost is a gacha-style mobile game set in a traditional fantasy world. Players control teams of four characters as they battle monstrous fiends and befriend dragons. This is Cygames' latest hit franchise following Granblue Fantasy, which had a user base of over 22 million players as of earlier this year.

The game has developed a strong fanbase thanks to a deep roster of interesting and likable characters, a steady stream of free events, and promotions by Cygames. Dragalia Lost has earned over $50 million as of last December with a growing fanbase both in Japan and North America.


Dragalia Lost is currently celebrating the New Year with a new Raid Event, which gives players the opportunity to battle a giant gift-giving dragon with up to three other players. Completing the event earns players a new free character, a new dragon, and numerous other rewards. Cygames also plans to announce future updates for the game later this month.