Dragon Ball FighterZ Shows Off First Gogeta SS4 Gameplay

Bandai Namco kicked off its Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour event on Saturday with some help from [...]

Bandai Namco kicked off its Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour event on Saturday with some help from Gogeta SS4, the next DLC character coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ. This version of Gogeta who'll come to the game soon got his first gameplay demo showing off his normal moves, some combos, and some of his more powerful moves that should look familiar to those fond of the fighter. A release date for Gogeta SS4 has not yet been announced, but Bandai Namco assured viewers that information would be shared at the end of the event.

The Battle Hour event that's going to be taking place for the next couple of hours is going on currently which means that Bandai Namco hasn't yet uploaded the gameplay from the showcase. The YouTube channel GamersPrey thankfully has uploaded the footage, however, which means that if you didn't see the gameplay when it showed up during the stream, you can still catch up on what you missed. That gameplay demo can be seen below and starts with a quick overview of his moves followed by a showcase of his Supers before it goes more in-depth with combos and other tactics.

As is the case with any character, Gogeta SS4's Supers are some of the most interesting parts of the fighter's arsenal. Similar to Adult Gohan, this version of Gogeta has a leveling system that allows him to progress up to the maximum Level 7. During the showcase, it was explained that each one of the levels he gains .25 progress on his ability meter and increases the damage of his next Level 1 or Level 3 attack.

One of the most impressive uses of this leveling ability came from the demonstration of how it affects his Level 3 ability. Without leveling up at all, the base move did 4,186 damage in the demo. When leveled to Level 7, the damage increased exponentially. The same move after being powered up did 19,980 damage and downed the SSGSS version of Gogeta in one blast.

The Dragon Ball FighterZ showcase came long before the announcements promised to be shared at the end of the show, so it's evident that there'll be more to announce throughout the Battle Hour event. If nothing else, be sure to check in at the end to see what the final announcements are and to get a recap on whatever you missed.