Dragon Ball FighterZ's Day One Player Count Tops Several Popular Fighting Games

It'll take a while to see how concurrent numbers even out, but according to the latest numbers via [...]


It'll take a while to see how concurrent numbers even out, but according to the latest numbers via Steam, DragonBall FighterZ may be pacing better than any fighting game released on the PC is recent years. Day One numbers for the game on Steam has already topped all-time peak numbers of several popular fighting games, which bodes well for the game's future average, and for fighting games on PC in general.

Hitting over 40,000 players earlier today, the game has averaged around 35,000 players at any given time throughout its entire first day of release, and that number is still holding strong at the time of this writing. Other games within the genre have done alright on PC via Steam, but none of the past decade's releases have seen this kind of peak yet.

According to Steam Charts, the game's official highest peak in player count so far sits at 44,234 players online at once, which occurred at around 12pm ET today. In comparison, all-time peaks for other popular fighting games sit at less than half: Tekken 7, one of the more popular fighting games released over the past few years, claimed an all-time peak of 18,766 on launch day, and Street Fighter V's all-time peak is only 13,807. This isn't necessarily bad, given that fighting games haven't been popularized much on the PC despite having a fairly ready, passionate player base.

Dragon Ball's genre-spanning popularity across anime, manga and video games is more than likely what contributed to the explosive numbers, but there's plenty of positive news for fighting game community hopefuls to glean from this news. The game could easily introduce a massive amount of new players to the community, and open up the doors for more games to build software around at-home gaming hardware so that an even wider player base can access games on PC.

Either way, it's likely that these opening day numbers will even out over the next few months, but don't be surprised if they don't lower to the one- or two-thousand count averages of other games. The game has an active season pass, and future updates seem promising enough to keep the player base entertained over the course of the next year or so.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

(h/t Resetera)