Tales of Xadia, The Dragon Prince's TTRPG, Is Now Available

The narrative-driven roleplaying game based on Netflix's The Dragon Prince series is now available. This week, Fandom released Tales of Xadia, a new tabletop roleplaying game set within the world of The Dragon Prince. Written in collaboration with The Dragon Prince creators Aaron Ehasz & Justin Richmond, Tales of Xadia not only provides players with the tools needed to build characters from the world of The Dragon Prince, it also provides new lore about the cultures and creatures of Xadia, as well as new narratives that tie into upcoming seasons of the show. 

Tales of Xadia uses the Cortex system, a modular roleplaying game system that uses dice pools. When players build their character, their attributes, traits, and abilities will all be assigned a dice type ranging from a d4 to a d12. When players are asked to make a check, they'll decide which traits, talents, and items make most sense for the situation and create a dice pool. When players roll the dice pool, they'll add together the rolls of two of their dice to compare to an opposing roll, which is also pulled from a dice pool created by a Narrator (which fills a similar role to the Game Master for Tales of Xadia.) During challenges, players will have the opportunity to contribute, with a successful check removing a dice from a Narrator's dice pool (thus potentially making the next check easier) of suffering some sort of stress or setback on a failure. 

The core rulebook for Tales of Xadia is available in both digital and hardcover format. Fandom, which also runs the D&D toolset D&D Beyond, also has a digital character builder and dice set to support Tales of Xadia. Pre-made adventures are available for Tales of Xadia, including a storyline designed to bridge the gap between Season 3 and the upcoming Season 4 of The Dragon Prince. This storyline will involve the ruins of Lux Aurea and an attempt to restore the corrupted Sunforge and stop the spread of the monstrous influence it radiates. 

A digital copy of Tales of Xadia costs $24.99, while a digital/hardcover copy is available for $49.99. Both copies can be purchased on Tales of Xadia's website.