AEW Wrestler's New Ring Gear Inspired by Classic Dungeons & Dragons Monster

AEW wrestler Brandon Cutler's new ring gear was inspired by Tiamat, the legendary god of chromatic dragons in Dungeons & Dragons. Cutler revealed his new ring jacket on Twitter last week, which features dragon scale shoulder pads, a dragon belt buckle and five detachable sashes, each of a different color. The jacket, which was made by his wife Denise Cutler, was meant to evoke Tiamat, the five-headed dragon goddess from Dungeons & Dragons. Tiamat is generally considered one of the most powerful entities in Dungeons & Dragons and is one of the game's most powerful monsters.

Cutler is a known D&D fan and his shirts and ring gear often feature a d20. Cutler's first match in AEW against MJF featured an angle in which MJF mocked Dungeons & Dragons and caused noticeable blowback from the D&D community. Cutler is also a cosplayer and even dressed as Grog from the D&D webseries Critical Role. In addition to his role as in-ring talent, Culter also works as AEW's Executive Producer of Content.

Fans will get to see Cutler in action on this week's episode of the YouTube series AEW Dark. Cutler will debut his new ring gear in a match against Jimmy Havoc.