Tom Holland and Chris Pratt Want to Start a Dungeons & Dragons Game With Avengers Castmates

Tom Holland and Chris Pratt could soon be starting a new super-team - set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. At the world premiere for Onward, Pixar's new animated film, IGN asked Holland whether he had ever played the popular tabletop roleplaying game. Holland replied that he hadn't, but that he and Chris Pratt had actually discussed organizing a D&D game with some of the cast of the Avengers movies. "Chris & I have been talking about setting up an Avengers D&D session," Holland told IGN. "Which would be amazing. We actually want to film it because it would be really fun." He then clarified that he didn't want to livestream the game, because that would be "very stressful."

As Dungeons & Dragons' popularity has grown in recent years, more and more celebrities have confirmed that they have their own home game. Notable actors who play Dungeons & Dragons include Joe Manganiello, Matthew Lillard, and Deborah Ann Woll, who even had her own D&D series on Geek & Sundry. Manganiello's home game (which includes actor Vince Vaughn and WWE Superstar Big Show) has become the stuff of legends and has even gotten referenced on shows like You. Livestreams and recorded sessions of Dungeons & Dragons has also become quite popular, and we're sure that a Holland/Pratt-led session of D&D would likely break at least a few internet records.


It's unclear whether Holland and Pratt want to play a traditional game of Dungeons & Dragons or if they want to bring their Avengers characters into the world of tabletop gaming. TSR (the original publisher of Dungeons & Dragons) published a Marvel Super Heroes roleplaying game that used percentile dice to determine the success or failure of certain actions. While Marvel Super Heroes is no longer in print, copies are still readily available online and can easily be updated to include heroes like Star-Lord. Other publishers have also adapted the Marvel Universe into tabletop RPGs with varying amounts of success.