Get Huge Discounts on Dozens of Dungeons & Dragons Supplements

The holidays are the perfect time to dive into some great third-party Dungeons & Dragons supplements. Wizards of the Coast and DriveThruRPG built the Dungeons Masters Guild in 2016, an online marketplace that allows third-party creators to make and sell Dungeons & Dragons supplements that use official D&D IP. These supplements range from adventures set in the Forgotten Realms, Eberron, or Ravenloft, to new class and subclass ideas meant to work within the game's current Fifth Edition set of rules. Over time, the Dungeon Masters Guild has become home to tons of great D&D material and many creators who got their start on the DMs Guild have gone on to work with the Dungeons & Dragons team on official adventures.

To celebrate the holidays, a group of DMs Guild creators have released three "Holiday Haversacks" bundles containing dozens of great supplements for a heavy discount. Each bundles offers a 75% discount, meaning that you can get about $100 of content in each bundle for around $25 or less.

Each Holiday Haversack has its own distinct theme. The Player's Edition contains several new races, classes, and subclasses that players can use when building their next character, the DMs Edition contains supplements that provide DMs with new NPCs or guides to building themed campaigns and adventures, and the Adventure Edition contains supplements filled with different one-shot adventures or campaign hooks that can be tossed into any campaign.

Several of the supplements included in the bundles are bestsellers, and we've given many of the supplements high marks in past features. Given the low, low price of the bundles, you'll almost definitely find something that will peak your interest.

If you've been debating on whether to give DMs Guild material a try, pick up one of these bundles today. You won't find a better value on D&D material this holiday season.