New Dungeons & Doggies Miniatures Announced

Steamforged Games has announced plans to release a third set of their popular 'Dungeons & Doggies' [...]

Steamforged Games has announced plans to release a third set of their popular "Dungeons & Doggies" miniatures, which will be released later this year. Back in 2018, Steamforged Games sculptor Russ Charles launched a successful Kickstarter to produce the first set of Animal Adventures miniatures, which feature dogs and cats dressed in the roles of various tabletop RPG classes. Over 13,000 people backed the first Animal Adventures Kickstarter in 2018 and over 10,000 people backed a "Cats & Catacombs" Kickstarter to produce over a dozen cat miniatures to the popular line. Now, Charles has confirmed that Steamforged will distribute a box set containing six new miniatures for retail sale later this year, with no Kickstarter funding needed.

The miniatures include Angel the Pitbull Cleric, Kai the Shiba Inu Ranger, Rupert the Jack Russell Rogue, Brianna the Boxer Paladin, Elvis the Cavalier Duelist Fighter, and Dodger the Greyhound Monk. Charles also released preview images of the new Dungeons & Doggies miniatures, which can be viewed below:

dungeons doggies 1
(Photo: Animal Adventures)

The miniatures are adorable and can also be used in Animal Adventures D&D campaigns, as Charles has also released special rules for playing as a dog adventurer. These rules (and a free adventure!) can be downloaded from Steamforged's website. Having had the chance to play as a dog adventurer with the creator of Animal Adventures as the DM, I can say that there's an infectious joy to experiencing an Animal Adventure that will make you smile even while facing down the most dangerous of threats.

As with all Steamforged produced miniatures, these should be of fantastic quality. Keep an eye out on Steamforged's website for additional details, or ask your friendly local gaming store to start stocking Animal Adventures miniatures!