Dungeons & Dragons Gets Second Wave of Adorable Figures

Ultra PRO has announced a second wave of its Figures of Adorable Power, a set of vinyl figures based on monsters from Dungeons & Dragons. Ultra PRO announced that its second set of figures would be released in April 2020 and would include figures of a Flumph, a Giff, a Gazer, and a Mimic in the form of a chest. Each figure has a distinctive "adorable" aesthetic to them, make the figures a cutesy addition to any Dungeons & Dragons fan's collection. You can check out a preview of the giff and flumph figures below:

giff 1
(Photo: Ultra PRO)
(Photo: Ultra Pro)

Ultra PRO first released its Figures of Adorable Power line last year to capitalize on Dungeons & Dragons' growing popularity in mainstream pop culture. The new wave digs a bit deeper into Dungeons & Dragons' Monster Manual. Most players have encountered a Mimic - a monster that lures adventurers to their doom by posing as treasure chests or other objects - but the Flumph, a jellyfish-like creature with a pair of eyes on its tentacles, or the Giff, a spacefaring race of anthropomorphic hippopotamuses who dress in Victorian English soldier's garb, aren't quite as iconic compared to the Red Dragon or Owlbear that appeared in the first wave. Still, each creature in the set definitely has its fans, and plenty of adventuring parties have adopted a Flumph as a mascot during their journeys. Plus, who can resist an adorable giff with its tongue sticking out?


Each Figure of Adorable Power will cost $12.99 and can be found at both local and online game retailers . The first pair of Figures of Adorable Power are also currently available.