'Dungeons & Dragons' to Release Adorable Funko Pop-Like Figurines

Some of Dungeons & Dragons' most iconic monsters are getting adorable new figurines. Ultra-Pro has announced a series of D&D "Figurines of Adorable Power," a new collection of figurines that depict various D&D monsters in an extremely cute fashion. Ultra-Pro will release six of these figures in 2019, beginning with a Red Dragon and Owlbear figurine in August 2019. Each figurine will cost $12.99. More figurines are planned for release in 2020, although Ultra-Pro hasn't revealed what other monsters will be featured in the line. You can get a glimpse of the monster figurines below:

owlbear figurine
(Photo: Ultra-Pro)
red dragon figurine
(Photo: Ultra-Pro)

The figures are named after the Figurines of Wondrous Power, a popular magic item in Dungeons & Dragons. In the games, the figurines are magical items that resemble small toys, but can transform into whatever beast they resemble for a limited period of time. Figurines resemble from griffons to flies to lions to goats, some of which have additional magical abilities. For instance, the silver raven figurine allows players to cast Animal Messenger at will. Most often, the figurines are used by players to give them a temporary steed or an additional animal ally to command in battle.

With Dungeons & Dragons experiencing new levels of popularity, it was only a matter of time before someone started turning its monsters and characters into collectible figures. While these aren't the tabletop miniatures most D&D players use at their tables, these Figurines of Adorable Power are still a great gift for any D&D fan. Expect to see these figurines appear in the background of a lot of D&D streaming games when they come out in August.

Let us know which monsters you want to see as a Figurine in the comment section below or find me on Twitter at @CHofferCBus to talk all things D&D!



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