Dungeons & Dragons Gets Its First Funko Pops


Funko and Wizards of the Coast have finally partnered up to deliver the Dungeons & Dragons Pop figure line that fans have been waiting for. The first wave includes Asmodeus aka The Lord of the Nine Hells, the good ranger Minsc and his "miniature giant space hamster" companion Boo, and a Mind Flayer, which you may be familiar with because of D&D and/or Stranger Things.

All three Dungeons & Dragons Funko Pop figures are available to pre-order right here with shipping slated for February. This is a good start for the D&D Funko Pop lineup, but fans should be excited about the endless possibilities for the future. Pop figures from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon and Critical Role would definitely be on our wishlist. Note that Ultra-Pro unveiled "Figurines of Adorable Power" back in May and the Owlbear and Red Dragon figurines are set to ship in September.


On a related note, the new Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook Eberron: Rising From the Last War is available to pre-order right here on Amazon for $29.97 (40% off) with shipping slated for November 19th. A discount of 40% to 42% tends to be the max during the pre-order period, so lock this down before it fluctuates downward. You won't be charged until it ships, so if a better discount occurs you'll automatically get it.

If you're unfamiliar, Eberron: Rising From the Last War is a 320-page campaign sourcebook that brings players back to the war-torn fantasy / noir / steampunk world of Eberron for the first time in over a decade. The book includes a whole bunch of new material, including the Artificer class - the first official class to be released for 5th edition of D&D since the Player’s Handbook launched in 2014. The official description and feature list for the book can be found below.


"This book provides everything players and Dungeon Masters need to play Dungeons & Dragons in Eberron—a war-torn world filled with magic-fueled technology, airships and lightning trains, where noir-inspired mystery meets swashbuckling adventure. Will Eberron enter a prosperous new age or will the shadow of war descend once again?"

  • Dive straight into your pulp adventures with easy-to-use locations, complete with maps of floating castles, skyscrapers, and more.
  • Explore Sharn, a city of skyscrapers, airships, and noirish intrigue and a crossroads for the world’s war-ravaged peoples.
  • Include a campaign for characters venturing into the Mournland, a mist-cloaked, corpse-littered land twisted by magic.
  • Meld magic and invention to craft objects of wonder as an artificer—the first official class to be released for fifth edition D&D since the Player’s Handbook.
  • Flesh out your characters with a new D&D game element called a group patron—a background for your whole party.
  • Explore 16 new race/subrace options including dragonmarks, which magically transform certain members of the races in the Player’s Handbook.
  • Confront horrific monsters born from the world’s devastating wars.

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