Dungeons & Dragons to Re-Release Tyranny of Dragons as New Single Volume Anniversary Edition

Tiamat returns to Dungeons & Dragons this fall. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of its Fifth Edition ruleset, Dungeons & Dragons announced that it would be re-releasing its first Fifth Edition storyline, Tyranny of Dragons, as a single volume this October. Tyranny of Dragons will collect Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat, the two adventures that kicked off D&D's Fifth Edition back in 2014. The adventure pits players against the sinister Cult of the Dragon and their quest to bring back their dangerous god Tiamat back to the Forgotten Realms.

The new Tyranny of Dragons volume will update the adventures by incorporating feedback to smooth out the curve for new players, while adding resources previously only available online and adding never-before-seen concept art. In addition, Tyranny of Dragons will have a new cover designed by Hydro74, depicting Tiamat in all of her five-headed glory. You can check out the full cover art below:

DnD_TOD_AltCvr_Art (1)
(Photo: Wizards of the Coast/Hydro74)

Tiamat is one of Dungeons & Dragons' most popular villains, a five-headed dragon queen that created the evil chromatic dragons that terrorize the D&D multiverse. In addition to plaguing D&D players for decades, Tiamat also appeared as a recurring nemesis in the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, attacking both the players and their main antagonist Venger.


Tyranny of Dragons is one of three D&D products scheduled for release later this year. Wizards of the Coast is also releasing Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus, a new adventure that send players on a quest into Hell to save the city of Baldur's Gate, and an un-titled product set in the Eberron campaign setting. Earlier this year, Dungeons & Dragons also released Ghosts of Saltmarsh, which updated several classic adventures for Fifth Edition rules.

The new Tyranny of Dragons edition will be available only in game and hobby stores beginning on October 22nd.