Dungeons & Dragons Adds Three New Subclasses For Playtesting

Dungeons & Dragons has released another new set of subclasses for public playtesting. Earlier today, Dungeons & Dragons released a new Unearthed Arcana, a packet of new material meant for public playtest. Players can use this new material in their games and then send back feedback, which is then compiled and used to determine for whether the new work should get added into a future publication. This month, Dungeons & Dragons released new subclasses for the Cleric, Druid, and Wizard, giving players a ton of new and intriguing options for their next character.

The Twilight Domain is a new domain dedicated to transition and the blending of light and dark. Not only can Twilight Clerics use martial weapons and heacy armor, they also have darkvision and can grant darkvision to their allies. Twilight clerics can also create a sphere of twilight that either grants temporary hit points to anyone inside of it or ends certain effects and can grant players the ability to see through darkness spells cast by the cleric.

The Wildfire Druid is a druid bound to a primal wildifre spirit and uses their power to help flora and fauna reproduce and grow through the occasional necessary wildfire. Not only can this wildfire spirit serve as a familiar of sorts, it also enhances the druid's various spells. At higher levels, the wildfire druid can set a dying creature's body aflame to create flames of healing and can endure fatal hits with fire.

The new Wizard subclass involves Onomancy, the magic of naming. Onomancers can learn a creature's true name and then use it to either bless or curse their allies and foes. At higher levels, onomancers learn words of powers that they can use to enhance their spells, and can bypass a creature's defenses when they know its true name.

Dungeons & Dragons has released a ton of subclasses for playtesting, so something big is clearly in the works. Hopefully, we'll learn exactly what D&D has in store for players soon. You can check out the newest subclasses here.