Dungeons & Dragons Supplement Lets You Worship Cats, Grow Tentacle Arms, and Explore More Weird Subclasses

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides 21 strange subclasses that gives players the [...]

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides 21 strange subclasses that gives players the opportunity to play as some truly unfortunate and weird characters. Last month, ComicBook.com reported on The Book of Bad Magic, a DMs Guild supplement by Oliver Clegg that provided nearly two dozen balanced subclasses focused on truly horrific and edgy tropes. Clegg followed up this best-selling supplement with the appropriately titled The Book of Weird Magic, which adds another 21 subclasses. While The Book of Bad Magic focused on "edgy" archetypes, The Book of Weird Magic is more focused on the strange, giving players some truly fringe options.

Clerics can choose to draw power from the Cat Domain, gaining a cat's uncanny ability to climb up places where they probably shouldn't or seeing things that others can't. Fighters can choose to have their arms replaced by tentacles, giving them deadly....tentacle arms that they can use to deal out damage and grapple foes. Monks can reject gravity through the Way of the Upside Down, Paladins can swear Oaths of Ever After to uphold the traditional tenets of storytelling, and Rogues can replace one of their hands with a Hand of Glory. These are truly bizarre subclasses, meant to push the boundaries of what a character can do while not totally breaking Fifth Edition convention.

Clegg is one of the best Dungeons & Dragons designers currently producing work today, and his recent subclass releases proves that he can do it all. The Book of Weird Magic provides a variety of truly thematic options that, despite their oddness, don't feel overpowered at all. DMs should feel comfortable if their players want to use one of Clegg's subclasses, even if it's a Warlock that choose to make a pact with an Old Forest or a Living Weapon.

You can purchase The Book of Weird Magic from the DMs Guild for $7.95. Clegg has also made both of his recent subclass supplements available in a discounted bundle for $12.72.