Dungeons & Dragons Releases First Fizban's Treasury of Dragons Previews

Wizards of the Coast has organized its first preview of its next Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook. Several influencers have released preview images of Fizban's Treasury of Dragons on their respective Twitter pages, giving fans their first sneak peek into the contents of that upcoming rulebook. Wizards of the Coast runs similar previews for its Magic: The Gathering sets and ran a similar promotional campaign for the release of Tasha's Cauldron of Everything last year. 

The previews include a first reveal of a "draconic gift," which is formatted similarly to a magic item, as well as confirmation that the book will include expanded sections on the deep dragon, shadow dragon, faerie dragon, moonstone dragon, and dragon turtles. Deep dragons and moonstone dragons are new to Fifth Edition but appeared in previous editions of Dungeons & Dragons. Shadow dragons were presented as a template in the Monster Manual, while faerie dragons and dragon turtles have both appeared in the Monster Manual but will be given additional statblocks in this book. Also included is a list of high CR monsters, which include greatwyrms, aspects of the draconic gods Tiamat and Bahamut, and an elder brain dragon - a dragon that was ceremorphized and turned into host for a mind flayer colony's elder brain.

So far, we've spotted six previews that showcase bits of information about the book, which can be seen below: 

Fizban's Treasury of Dragons will contain a mix of new mechanics, new lore, and new statblocks, similar to books like Volo's Guide to Monsters and Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. Included in the book will be the 5E debut of gem dragons, along with the new concept of greatwyrms - dragons that are more powerful than an ancient dragon. New gem dragonborn variants and several new subclasses will also be included in the book. 

The book will also contain several references to the Dragonlance campaign setting, and will feature draconians and commentary from Fizban, a character from that storyline. However, the book should not be confused for a campaign setting book for Dragonlance.

Fizban's Treasury of Dragons will be released on October 17th.