G4 Announces Dungeons & Dragons TV Show

G4 and Wizards of the Coast has announced a new Dungeons & Dragons television series that will launch later this month. Dungeons & Dragons Presents: Invitation to Party is a new weekly series starring B. Dave Walters, Kassem Gharaibeh, Fiona Nova, Indiana (Froskurinn) Black and Ify Nwadiwe. The series will be the first "actual play" D&D series to air on television and will premiere on G4 on November 22nd. The show will also have a livestream on G4's Twitch and YouTube, with an audience participation component. Viewers who watch the livestream on Twitch and YouTube will be able to participate in real-time votes that affect gameplay. 

Per Wizards of the Coast, Dungeons & Dragons Presents: Invitation to Party is a limited series that will run multiple campaigns throughout the year. In addition to the core cast, a rotating roster of guest NPCs will also be involved at the show. The show will air from G4's 24/7 studio in a tavern-designed set known as "The Rotting Gut."

G4 and Wizards of the Coast first teamed up earlier this year with this year's D&D Live, a showcase of upcoming D&D products and the game itself. D&D Live was produced by G4 and aired concurrently on D&D and G4's various streaming channels, with games featuring celebrities like Jack Black, Tiffany Haddish, and Patton Oswalt. D&D Live also aired on the Peacock streaming service - a first for D&D. 

Earlier this summer, ComicBook.com spoke with Brian Terwilliger, VP of Programming & Creative Strategy for G4, about the partnership with Wizards of the Coast. Terwillinger noted that the partnership was a perfect match between the two brands. "Bringing that experience with the amazing cast that G4 has assembled, plus the power of Wizards of the Coast, it only starts at D&D Live," Terwilliger said. "The future is bright. And I would be totally content if this partnership lasted forever."

Dungeons & Dragons Presents: Invitation to Party will air on G4's Twitch and YouTube on November 19th at 3 PM PT. The show will then air on G4 on November 22nd at 6:30 PM PT.