Dungeons & Dragons Gets Witchy With New Sourcebook

A new Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook is adding a number of witchy elements for players to use in their next campaign. Hit Point Press, the publisher of the popular Humblewood campaign setting book, is raising money to publish Hexbound, a "witchy" supplement for D&D Fifth Edition. Instead of adding a new "witch" class, Hexbound instead presents players with various subclass options to provide a variety of different styles of witches. While players can opt for a traditional witch experience, slinging spells and brewing potions, they can also opt for more non-traditional builds, such as a melee fighter or a witch that buffs and empowers their familiar to use in battle. Hexbound will come with four new subclasses, one each for warlocks, monks, wizards, and druids.

In addition to subclasses, Hexbound will also add 10 new spells, several new Witch Familiars, and 10 new backgrounds to help players build out their new witch characters. The supplement will also include witch-themed adventures, new magical items, and new creatures for DMs to use in their campaign.

One of the unique aspects of Hexbound is that it will be compatable with a new Arcane Eye App, an app designed by Hit Point Press that will activate AR capabilities designed to help players and DMs at the table. DMs can check out stat blocks and even roll to attack and calculate damage using the app. The base version of the Arcane Eye App is already complete and will be free to download if the Kickstarter campaign reaches its stretch goal.

As of press time, Hexbound has raised nearly $100,000, far exceeding its initial $20,000 goal. Backers will get a digital version of Hexbound for a $20 pledge, and a physical edition for a $50 pledge. You can check out the full Kickstarter here.