Battle Kaiju in Dungeons & Dragons

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides seven new kaiju-sized threats for players to battle. The most dangerous threat in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition is the Tarrasque, a gargantuan monstrosity capable of destroying entire towns in seconds. The tarrasque is intended as a capstone for high level campaigns, which is why only one other creature - Tiamat, the god of chromatic dragons - has a Challenge Rating equal to it. The tarrasque is the Dungeons & Dragons equivalent of a kaiju, a gargantuan monster capable of wiping out entire cities in just a few moments. While the tarrasque is a fantastic creature to use in Dungeons & Dragons (and often just the threat of using one is enough to bring the rowdiest party into line), it's disappointing that there aren't similar creatures for players to face.

Earlier this week, Jackson Lewis released Titans of the Ancient World, a new DMs Guild supplement containing seven new kaiju-level threats, each with a Challenge Rating of 30. Each monster has its own unique abilities that provide DMs with a variety of different monstrous threats to throw at maxed out parties, from Thrak the Devil Raptors deadly Spine Shower to Ioa the Corpulence's ability to shunt off harmful effects into a composite body. Titans of the Ancient World also provides details about each monster's origin, their aggression levels, and what sort of regional effects happen when they roam through an area. There are also plenty of adventure hooks to help put players on the road to facing one of these kaiju, either at the end of an epic campaign or a quick one-shot encounter.

One of the biggest complaints about Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition is the game's lack of challenging monsters for high level players to fight. Titans of the Ancient World provides DMs with some much needed monsters needed to challenge players and set up some truly epic fights. While some of the monsters have a deliberate goofy feel that evokes the b-movies that often featured kaiju, the monster statblocks themselves are no laughing matter and will be a major threat for even the bravest of adventurers.

Titans of the Ancient World is available now on the DMs Guild for $5.95.