Dungeons & Dragons to Announce New Book on January 12th

Dungeons & Dragons will announce their first 2021 product on January 12th. Both Amazon and Penguin Random House have placeholder pages for the untitled book, which will be released on March 16, 2021. The product listings note that the title will be formally announced next Tuesday, January 12th, but provided no other clue as to whether the book is an adventure book, campaign setting book, or a lore book in a vein similar to Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes or Volo's Guide to Monsters. ComicBook.com will have full details about the upcoming product next week.

ComicBook.com previously speculated that D&D would make an announcement in early January, noting the timing of previous years' announcements. In 2019, Dungeons & Dragons' first book was Ghosts of Saltmarsh, a collection of updated versions of classic adventures. In 2020, the first Dungeons & Dragons book of the year was Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, a campaign setting guide for the Critical Role continent of Wildemount. The March timing of the release suggests that we're due for four D&D product releases in 2021, matching the number of releases made in 2019 and 2020.

Dungeons & Dragons had a busy 2020, releasing two new campaign setting books, a full-length adventure, and a rules expansion book. Dungeons & Dragons has teased plans for more campaign setting books in its future, with up to three "classic" campaign settings getting updated for Fifth Edition. Judging from recent comments by Joe Manganiello and a resolved lawsuit involving Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis's work on a new trilogy of novels, one of those settings seems to be the classic Dragonlance books, which hasn't seen an official D&D release since 2007. Players have also clamored for a new bestiary/Monster Manual style book to fill out deficiencies in Fifth Edition statblocks, as creatures like Celestials and Fey seem to be underrepresented in official releases.

You'll be able to read up on D&D's next release at ComicBook.com on January 12th.

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