Add Mythic Traits to Every High Level Dungeons & Dragons Monster

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides optional mythic trait for every monster in Dungeons & Dragons with a high Challenge Rating. Earlier this week, Dungeons & Dragons released Mythic Odysseys of Theros, a new sourcebook detailing the Magic: The Gathering world of Theros, which is heavily inspired by Greek myths. To play up the "mythic" nature of Theros, Dungeons & Dragons introduced a new "Mythic Trait" mechanic to monsters, which lengthens boss fights and provides them with additional Legendary Actions once certain conditions are met. These Mythic Traits turn boss fights into "mythic encounters" and are meant to provide a new kind of challenge to D&D players.

While Mythic Odysseys of Theros only provided three "mythic monsters" to use, a new DMs Guild supplement has provided option Mythic traits for 36 monsters with a Challenge Rating of 21 or higher. Mythic Encounters, by Steve Fidler, Bryan Holmes, and E.R.F. Jordan, gives classic D&D monsters like Acererak and Demogorgon their own powerful Mythic traits and actions. In addition to already popular unique creatures found in 5E sourcebooks, Mythic Encounters also brings in Forgotten Realms characters from previous editions to replace generic stat blocks. For instance, Maelestor Rex from Hordes of Dragonspear returns as a unique black dragon, while the kraken wizard Slarkrethel appears as the supplement's Kraken statblock.

What I appreciate most about Mythic Encounters is that each creature has a unique Mythic Trait that is in line with its abilities - Demogorgon's Mythic Trait causes its twin heads to work together to stave off a threat, while Maelestor the Black Dragon unlocks its devil pact to gain infernal abilities. Several of the Mythic Actions are also pretty innovative - the Earth Elemental Hotenow's Mythic Actions are all inspired by it transforming into a walking volcano when its Mythic Trait triggers, while Yeenoghu instantly adds to its demonic gnoll pack by spitting out a gnoll.

Mythic Encounters takes one of the most exciting new mechanics from Mythic Odysseys of Theros and instantly makes it usable for any D&D campaign. This is a must-have supplement for any DM looking to really up the challenge in their D&D campaign, and will be useful for years to come.

Mythic Encounters is available now on the DMs Guild for $14.95.

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