Dungeons & Dragons Releases New Playtest for One D&D, Introduces Revised Cleric and Goliath

Dungeons & Dragons has released a new playtest document, providing new rules for the cleric and revising the species rules for both the dragonborn and ardling. Wizards of the Coast has released the third playtest packet for One D&D, the upcoming revised edition for Dungeons & Dragons. The new playtest document showcases the first class in the Priest Class Group – the Cleric. Notably, the Cleric has access to their Channel Divinity trait at Level 1, with two default Channel Divinity options (the traditional Turn Undead and a new Divine Spark ability that can either heal or injure a creature within 30 feet) given to every Cleric. Clerics now don't access their subclass until Level 3 and gain a new "Divine Strikes" ability that adds 1d8 of radiant damage to one of their attacks or 0-Level spells at Level 8. 

The playtest also presents three races – the ardling, the dragonborn, and the goliath. The ardling has been simplified to focus on their animal traits, while the dragonborn now has access to a temporary flight ability at Level 5. The goliath's connection to giants have been strengthened in the new playtest, with goliaths receiving one of several traits tied to various kinds of giants. They can also temporarily grow in size at Level 5. 

Several rules and spells were also revised in the new playtest, most notably Spiritual Weapon, which now requires concentration. This not only limits which spells a Cleric (or Paladin or Druid) can cast while Spiritual Weapon is active, it also is easier to disrupt by attacking the caster. The Resistance spell also received a significant upgrade, with the spell now costing a reaction to cast and gaining a 10-foot range. Banishment was also nerfed, with the target now receiving multiple saving throws to prevent being permanently banished instead of a single save. 


You can check out the full playtest here.