WizKids' Sapphire Dragon is a Must-Have Dungeons & Dragons Figure

sapphire dragon hed
(Photo: WizKids)

WizKids is getting to release one of their most impressive Dungeons & Dragons figures yet - an adult sapphire dragon that's unlike any other miniature we've seen from the company in years. Last year, Dungeons & Dragons released a new monster statblock for the Adult Sapphire Dragon to celebrate the game's 45th anniversary. Sapphires are a traditional 45th anniversary present, so what better way to honor the game's history by giving DMs the chance to terrorize players with a fully grown dragon with psionic powers made entirely of gems. WizKids is getting ready to release a "miniature version" of the sapphire dragon with a sculpt based off of the new art released by Wizards of the Coast when they first revealed the brand new sapphire dragon.

The sapphire dragon is unlike anything WizKids has released in its long-running line of Dungeons & Dragons miniatures. While the figure itself is only classified as a "Huge" creature, the figure's 16-inch wingspan makes it look even more impressive than the gargantuan dragons released for WizKids' line of Pathfinder miniatures. By comparison, the Sapphire Dragon has about twice the wingspan and body length of WizKids' Niv-Mizzet Premium Figure released in 2018, although both have the same base size. The sheer size of this figure is sure to cause gasps when it's placed on the table during a combat encounter.

The sapphire dragon itself is made of a translucent blue material with painted-on gem effects on the body and wings. Interestingly, WizKids opted not to use a wash to bring out the dragon's details, likely as the sapphire dragon (as envisioned in Fifth Edition) is made entirely out of gem and lacks much contrast. Because of this, some of the dragon's details don't "pop" when viewed under certain lighting conditions, but it does make the dragon that much more impressive looking when placed on the table in the middle of combat.

The Adult Sapphire Dragon is the most impressive dragon figure WizKids has released in years and is a "must own" for any D&D figure collector. The figure really sets the tone for WizKids' upcoming line of adult dragon miniatures, the first of which (the Adult White Dragon) is scheduled to be released later this year.


The Adult Sapphire Dragon figure will be released on August 5th, with a retail price of $69.99. You can pre-order the figure directly from WizKids, on Amazon, or from your local game store.

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