E3 2022 Rumored to Be Digital Event Again

E3 will apparently be a digital-only event once more this year, according to new rumors about the big summer gaming event. This would be the second year in a row that E3 was held online following E3 2021's digital-only format that included press conferences from some of the usual suspects where they shared their announcements of things to come. The E3 organizers have not yet confirmed their intentions for this year's event, but there's reason to believe that information may come sooner rather than later now.

The latest on the E3 rumors comes from Tom Henderson who said on Twitter that emails had been sent out to developers informing them that this year's E3 would be held online. Talks of E3 being digital-only were heard earlier in the year, though there were also speculations that the event might be canceled entirely similarly to how it was canceled in 2020. Assuming this latest rumor is accurate, we will see the event back again this year.

If it is an online-only event, that's good news for all those who planned on watching it from home anyway because it means you won't be missing out on anything those attending in-person experienced. It would mean a lot of events to keep up with, however, with all the companies who plan to "attend" therefore hosting their own individual press conferences and showcases.

While Sony did not take part in the E3 2021 ongoings and instead opted to hold its own independent showcase around that time, others still announced games and other updates under the umbrella of E3 last year. Microsoft, Nintendo, Square Enix, and more big companies were the headliners with plenty of others taking part in various capacities throughout the course of the E3 2021 schedule.

There'd been talks from the ESA of holding this year's E3 as an in-person event, but those were apparently scrapped earlier in the year. By comparison, some other big gaming events have planned to resume in-person activities at least to some degree. Gamescom, for example, will be a hybrid event with in-person attendance admitted, but it'll also include online presentations and announcements, too.